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The FSM Basket Screen meets the most demanding specifications

The FSM Basket Screen was developed to deal with particular problems associated with sewage pretreatment plant.

Parallel to the increasing demands of users, FSM introduced modifications to the basic design. These have resulted in an optimum product for the preliminary treatment of waste water -providing high performance coupled with low operating costs.  

Functional principle:

The basket screen for installation in sump shafts is based on the design of our grab bar screens.

The basket of the screen is raised and lowered in the shaft via an electric hoist. The basket is guided by two guide rails built into the shaft and four rollers fitted to the basket. The guides are curved above the operating Level, which allows an automatic emptying of the basket above the dumpster. Final emptying is carried out by hand with a rake. While emptying the basket at the top a coarse bar screen is closing the channel.

The drive is mounted on bracket on the crossbeam of the frame and consists of a wire rope drum with geared motor.  The hoist is provided with limit switches for the motor at the top and bottom positions of the basket – the end positions can be adjusted as desired.

The screen is manually controlled via a local control station with dead
man´s switch for raising and lowering the basket

Applications in Municipal & Industrial Clarification Plants:

Waste water pre-treatment / coarse screening
Sludge screening / secondary sludge
Sludge screening / primary sludge
Sea water treatment
Rainwater tank overflow and storage channel screening
Supply pumping stations
Protective installations for downstream equipment
Decontamintion of running waters
Applications in The Paper & Cellulose Industry:
Wash water, debarking plants
Coarse matter runoff, channel water
Applications in Power Stations:
Cooling and service water screening (river intake etc.)
Sea water screening
Industrial Applications:

Cooling and waste water screening (river intake etc.)

Sea water screening
Textile and textile finishing industry –preliminary clarification of total waste water
Meat, fish and poultry processing / slaughterhouses preliminary clarification of total waste water
Sugar industry - preliminary clarification of total waste water
Composting installations, waste product and disposal engineering, seepage water treatment
Fruit and vegetable processing – preliminary clarification of total waste water
Animal meal production– preliminary clarification of total waste water

High reliability through robust construction

The screen allows the passage of grit without malfunctioning.

Discharge of grease in large quantities presents no problem.

Screenings conveyed positively to the discharge point.

Reliable guiding of the basket in a trackway
Excellent cost/performance ratio
Low maintenance costs
Suitable for outdoor sites / operation in winter
Easily adapted to suit changed operating conditions
Filter Width: 100 to 1500 mm, lager sizes on request
Channel Depth: up to 15000 mm, larger sizes on request
Slot Opening: 6 – 100 mm, other sizes on request
Mounting Angle: 90°, other angles on request