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The FSM Center Flow Screen was developed to deal with particular problems associated with waste water pre-treatment and raw water intake. FSM is working in this field since 1973. The first machines are used to generate cooling water for power plants from rivers.

Parallel to the increasing demands of users, FSM introduced modifications to the basic design. These have resulted in an optimum product for the preliminary treatment of waste or river (sea) water - providing high performance coupled with low operating costs.

Functional principle:
The unscreened water enters the middle of the screen frame and is effectively screened as it flows from the inside to the outside through both sides of the screen filter elements. The filter elements form a continuous filter belt which is cleaned by a spray bar at the upper deflection point.

The water flows through the screen elements which are covered either by up to a 3mm  woven wire mesh for water applications or with perforated plates made of stainless steel or UHMWPE from 1 up to 12 mm openings. With mesh smaller 3 mm the horizontal space between the adjoining panels is positively sealed to prevent solids from escaping thru the gap. The cleaning process can be assisted by an optional brush when perforated plates are used.

The screenings can be discharged into containers, screening washing press, screw conveyors, etc. The screen element and screen frame are sealed at the sides to prevent solids from circumventing the filter screen. The screen elements can be individually and quickly exchanged for ease of maintenance.

For water intake screens we also offer a fish protection panel.


High reliability and ensured continuity of operation resulting from robust construction.

No carry over effect of screenings to the downstream.

Filter elements optimally cleaned by a spray bar and optional by a brush.

Screenings conveyed positively  to the discharge point.

Excellent cost/performance ratio.
Low maintenance costs.
Suitable for outdoor sites / operation in winter.
Easily adapted to suit changed operating conditions.
Machine completely enclosed for optimum odor control.
Filter Width: 1 ft. to 16 ft. mm  
Shaft Center Distance: up to 50 ft., larger sizes on request
Filter Element Mesh Size: 0.5 to 3 mm, larger sizes on request
Filter Element Perforation: 1 to 12 mm, larger sizes on request
Mounting Angle: 90°