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The FSM Filterscreen was developed to deal with particular problems associated with sewage pre-treatment plant.

Following successful trials, the first installation was equipped with this product in 1987.

Parallel to the increasing demands of users, FSM introduced modifications to the basic design. These have resulted in an optimum product for the preliminary treatment of waste water-providing high performance coupled with low operating costs. Thus, cleaning by brushes has been continually developed so as to keep the demand for service water to a minimum. Over 1500 machines have been supplied worldwide.

Functional principle:

The waste water flows through perforated filter elements made of stainless steel, while contaminants are held back. Solid matter is picked up directly at the bottom of the channel without necessarily requiring a recess. The filter elements form a continuous filter belt which is cleaned by a self-adjusting brush at the upper deflection point. Lifting tines located on every 5th screening element prevent build-up of rolling matter in front of the screen and ensure that large matter is removed. The sheet steel side plates of the filter elements slide on plastic rails on the screen frame, thus forming a seal and preventing screenings from being washed past the screen at the sides.

As a result of the half-round shape of the filter elements and the position of the automatic self-adjusting cleaning brush at the upper deflection point, the distance between the brush and the filter element remains constant. This constant distance ensures very effective cleaning combined with low wear of the brush.

The gap between the elements thus remains constant and small at all times during the rotation cycle, including at the upper and lower deflection points.

Official, independent tests have shown that FSM screens with a hole size of 6 mm approx. filter out double the amount of screenings as a bar screens with 6 mm gap size. The screenings retention figure of an FSM screen with 6 mm holes is 85%.




High reliability through robust construction – no need for upstream coarse screening.

The filterscreen allows the passage of grit without malfunctioning.

Discharge of grease in large quantities presents no problem.

Highest possible cleaning effect via perforated filter elements.

Discharge of coarse matter through tines on the filter elements.
Filter elements optimally cleaned as result of their shape (segment of circle).
Screenings conveyed positively to the discharge point.
Excellent cost/performance ratio.
Low maintenance costs.
Suitable for outdoor sites/ operation in winter.
Easily adapted to suit changed operating conditions.
Machine completely hygienically encapsulated.
The FSM filterscreen has proved itself in hundreds of applications at home and abroad.
Filter Width: 1 to 10 ft
Shaft Center Distance: up to 36 ft, larger sizes on request
Filter Element Hole Size: 2 - 12 mm, other sizes on request
Water Level Difference: up to 6.5 ft possible, larger differentials on request
Mounting Angle 75°, 60° or 50°, other angles on request
Thompson Certification - Screenings Capture