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The FSM coarse bar screen has been in operation all over the world for over 30 years.

The FSM coarse bar screen thus offers ideal protection for pumping and fine screening installations.

Functional principle:

The waste water flows through a bar screen made of steel or stainless steel, while screenings are held back. Solid matter is picked up by our special grab directly at the bottom of the channel without the need for a base step. The teeth of the grab act between the bars of the screen thus preventing jamming of the screenings. A pivoting scraper discharges the screenings into a container, wash compactor, screw conveyor, conveyor belt etc. Opening and closing of the rake is achieved by a drive or a guide track.

The position of the rake is controlled by a rotary selector switch. Thereby different positions on the screen field can be reached by the rake. For digger operation the rope is controlled by a slack rope weight.


Applications in Municipal & Industrial Clarification Plants:

Waste water pre-treatment / coarse screening
Sea water treatment
Rainwater tank overflow and storage channel screening
Supply pumping stations
Protective installations for downstream equipment cleaning of streaming water
Applications in The Paper & Cellulose Industry:
Wash water, debarking plants
Coarse matter runoff, channel water
Applications in Power Stations:
Cooling and service water screening (river intake etc.)
Sea water screening

High reliability through robust construction

The coarse bar screen allows the passage of grit without malfunctioning

Screenings are prevented from falling back on the screen by a sheet steel apron

Screenings conveyed positively to the discharge point

Secure guiding of grab shovel via double bearing arrangement
Excellent cost/performance ratio
Low maintenance costs
Suitable for outdoor sites / operation in winter
Easily adapted to suit changed operating conditions
If required, machine can be completely hygienically encapsulated



Screen Width: 2.5 to 26 ft., larger widths on request
Channel Depth: up to 32 ft, larger depths on request
Gap Width: 10 mm to 100 mm, larger widths on request
Mounting Angle: 75° or 90°, other angles on request