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The FSM grit wash unit has been developed with two aims in mind:

1. To achieve a very high separation performance of finest grit particles.


Designs capable of either dry or wet feed.


The FSM grit wash unit consists of two basic items – grit wash tank and discharge screw. An optional screening drum can be provided for cases where inlet screening is ineffective. Special emphasis was placed on low water consumption at low service pressure. The grit wash unit provides high performance coupled with low operating costs.

Functional principle:

The grit/water mixture is fed in via the inlet flange of the grit wash tank. Organic matter is held in suspension and floated off while the grit settles in the tank. With the addition of water, the settled grit is separated from the remaining organic material using a stirring device and up-current washing technique. The grit is removed from the tank, de-watered and discharged via a discharge screw.

With the addition of a bunker at the upstream side, the FSM grit wash unit can be extended to become a reception station for sewer grit. If a fractionating and washing drum is positioned between the bunker and the wash unit, the installation can be additionally used for conditioning street sweepings.


Applications in Municipal & Industrial Clarification plants:

Waste water pre-treatment / grit treatment
Sewer grit/street sweepings reception station
Compact installations


Replaces grit classifiers to receive grit laden water from grit chambers

Can be used on plants with only coarse upstream screening

Designed for use with non-potable wash water

High reliability through robust construction

The organic content can be reduced to volatile solids <3%
Can be extended to become a reception station for sewer grit and street sweepings
Can accept pumped flows up 600 gpm
Dry charging version as extension or retrofitting for compact installations
Dry feed version for retrofitting discharge from existing grit classifiers
Excellent cost/performance ratio
Low maintenance costs
Suitable for outdoor sites / operation in winter
Easily adapted to suit changed operating conditions
Machine completely hygienically encapsulated
The FSM grit wash unit has proved itself in practice at home and abroad.
Length/Width/Height: 17’ / 7.2’ / 10’, other dimensions on request
Throughput: up to 600 gpm, other throughputs on request
Installation Size: SWA 10 / SWA 18 / SWA 30 / SWA 40  / TB-SWA
Organic Content of Grit:  < 3 % volatile solids
Separating Capacity:  > 95% of particle size 0.2 mm