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The FSM - Multi Rake Bar Screen was developed as a versatile platform that can be configured for either coarse or fine screening, with either traditional single angle or NEW multi-angle design, in order to deal with particular problems associated with sewage pre-treatment plant.

Functional principle: New Multi-angle design HUR-αβ:

FSM has expanded its proven MultiRake HUR screen series with the HUR-αβ. In addition to the various screen bar profile designs, the HUR-αβ  further optimizes hydraulic conditions resulting in increased hydraulic capacity over similar traditional single angle screens.

The HUR-αβ consists of two screening bar fields.  The lower bar field is installed at a very flat angle (30°) which creates a very large wetted screening area in the channel.  The upper part of the machine transitions to 85° resulting in a very compact design that minimizes the overall foot print.

The increased wetted screening area has a benefit of improved hydraulics by lowering the flow speed through the screening bar field.  In turn, reducing the flow speed achieves a significantly better screening capture rate.

Here, the benefits of increasing the screening area are combined with the design of a screen rake that reaches into the screen bar field. Thus no screenings are pushed back through the bars, as is the case with scraper systems that simply slide across the screen bars. In addition, the machine is resistant to grit and rocks.

As waste water flows through the bar field, contaminants are held back.  The cleaning rakes are fixed between two chains and are designed with teeth for the best cleaning of the screen. The collected screening are positively conveyed to the discharge point by the sprocket driven chains.  At the discharge point, a pivoting wiper effectively discharges the screenings into a conveyor, washing unit or bin.

Functional principle: Traditional single angle design:

The waste water flows through bars made of stainless steel, while contaminants are held back. Solid matter is picked up directly at the bottom of the channel without the need for a bottom recess. The cleaning elements are fixed between two chains and are designed with teeth for the best cleaning of the screen. The screenings can be discharged into containers, wash compactors, screw conveyors, conveyor belts etc.



High reliability through robust construction – no need for upstream coarse screening.

The Multi Rake Bar Screen allows the passage of grit without malfunctioning.

Discharge of coarse matter through large rakes

Screen field optimally cleaned as a result of the teeth of the rakes.

Screenings conveyed positively to the discharge point.
Excellent cost/performance ratio
Low maintenance costs
Suitable for outdoor sites / operation in winter
Easily adapted to suit changed operating conditions
Machine completely hygienically encapsulated
Filter Width: 1 to 20 ft
Shaft Center Distance: up to 80 ft, larger sizes on request
Slot Opening: 3 – 100 mm, other sizes on request
Water Level Difference: up to 6.5 ft. possible, larger differentials on request
Mounting Angle: 50° - 90° other angles on request
HUR-αβ Mounting Angles: 30° and 85°