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The FSM screening washing press reduces the weight and volume of your screenings and in addition washes out more than 95% of fecal matter. FSM screening washing press provide high performance coupled with low operating costs.

Functional principle:

The FSM screening washing press is available in 3 sizes with screw diameters of 200, 300 and 350 mm. It is used to dewater, compact and convey screenings or other damp/wet waste materials.

With the help of the built-in washing device, fecal matter is subjected to a wash-board friction operation, loosened and washed out.
Hair, fibers etc. which could cause operating failures and build-ups remains in the screenings. Service water can be used as wash water.
The screening washing press is able to deal with a sudden change in load better than a conventional worm screening washing press.
95% of fecal matter is washed out.

Optional features:

Heat trace - If the installation is used outdoors, the discharge pipe can be provided with heating.

Back Pressure Device - In order to increase the dry solid matter content, the screening washing press can be equipped with an additional dewatering unit. Here the back pressure is generated by an adjustable hydraulic cylinder which communicates with the drive motor and thus regulates the solid matter content. The screenings are discharged via a discharge pipe to a container or conveyor.

Screenings Cutter - By installing a screenings cutter at the discharge pipe, large logs are broken up into smaller pieces. This prevents the emergence of dead spaces and the container volume can thus be better exploited.
 The increase in surface area leads to better final drying and the screenings can be more easily spread out if necessary.   

Hopper Agitator - An impeller agitator located in the inlet hopper, can generate an intensive prewashing of the screenings.


Type: SPW 200 SPW 300 SPW 350
Diameter of Conveyor Screw: 200 mm 300 mm 350 mm
Throughput: up to 350 ft3/h pipe screenings
Solid Matter: > 40 %
With Back Pressure Device: > 50 %
Elutriation of Fecal Matter: > 95 %
Volume-/Weight Reduction:60 – 70 %



Hopper Agitator

Back Pressure Device
Screening Cutter