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The SEPCOM™ vertical liquid-solid separator is designed to accept pumped flow. Dewatering is achieved by both gravity and mechanical compression. The separator casing contains two cylindrical screens and two vertical screws. The screws are manufactured from SINT™ engineered polymer. This patented polymeric material ensures there will be no clogging or loss of the solids’ plug during the dewatering process.

A self-adjusting, counter-pressure diaphragm at the outlet is the last phase of compression and discharges a continuous plug of almost dry material.


The SEPCOM liquid-solid separator automatically adjusts compression depending on the type of material being dewatered. This makes the SEPCOM separator extremely versatile for a wide range of material from digester sludge to food processing waste.


Vertical design for wastewater applications.

High performance, self-cleaning, wear- resistant screens.

Diaphragm outlet with self-adjusting counter-pressure.

Vertical screws manufactured from SINT polymer.

Vertical access to screen for ease of maintenance.

Maintenance-friendly drive unit position.

Small footprint.


Horizontal designs are available

for certain applications.