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Flo-Beast Septage, FOG and Sludge Screen

The Beast is already a proven performer in septage receiving.  Thanks to ongoing pilot testing at plants around the country, it has also proven its ability to screen FOG and primary sludge.

Sequence of Operation. 

The short influent tank allows the solids laden liquid to be discharged directly into the rotating drum screen.  As the screen rotates, solids are captured on flights that carry the solids around the drum screen and deposit them into the auger trough.  From the trough, solids are conveyed by the auger into the washing/dewatering zone.

Note:  The percent of dryness achieved is dependent upon the solids concentration at the influent and the type of solids being dewatered.

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Pilot test on FOG at a major municipality in Virginia.


Based on proven Flo-Drum technology found in hundreds of installations worldwide since 1999.

Drum and auger are driven independently to optimize solids removal.

Two-stage tank design prevents sedimentation.

Dual seal on the screen cylinder prevents bypass.



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