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The Flo-Drum fine screen has an exceptionally high capture rate as proven by recent UK-WIR tests.  Depending on screen media and opening, this screen can be a high performance wastewater screen or a highly efficient MBR pre-treatment screen.


The rotating drum’s triple seal, exterior cleaning brush and water spray enhance capture by keeping even small solids inside the screen drum.  Screenings captured on the interior of the drum surface are immediately deposited into the auger trough by a series of scoops lining the inside of the drum.  The auger moves the screenings out of the trough and on to washing and dewatering.



Flo-Drum screen in a municipal wastewater application


Flo-Drum systems screen, convey, wash and dewater in one unit.

A common drive operates the rotating screen basket and the auger.

Triple face drum seal prevents bypass.

Screen drum is available in perforated plate, wedgewire and mesh media depending on the application.


Brochure - Wastewater

Brochure - MBR
Thompson Certification - 1 mm Apertures
Thompson Certification - 2 mm Apertures
Thompson Certification - 6 mm Apertures